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According to the statistics of my web hosting service a large proporsion of visitors access my site from English speaking countries. This is why I have decided to publish some of my pages in English. Those of you that read both languages will notice that the text is not an exact translation. Exact translations rarely come across as intended. Cultural differences too can make some statements awkward, as more explanations may be required in a foreign setting...


Pictures and personalities
Description of my rats
In rememberance
Favourite rat pictures
and some rat haikus
Matmor's Fairy tales July 2013 (RED rats)
Matmor's British towns Feb. 2013 (Golden himalayan/BES rats)
Matmor's Famous Brits Jan. 2013 (RED rats)
Matmor's Fibres Sept. 2010
Sired litters:
RAR-MAM-N Fix star Nov. 2011
Sarah's African rivers Dec. 2008
DYI corner
Cardboard houses for rats
hammocks, hideouts and toys
with brief instructions
For rat owners
Rat coat genetics
Robinson (1989) reanalysed
written by Sheila Sowter, published with permission
Aggression and behaviour
Aggression in fancy rats
Behaviour therapy for rats
Castrating rat bucks, and
Aggressive scent communication
To appear:
Body language of aggression
Links about aggression
Rat health
Survey of rat health (69 rats)
Survey of treatment of lice and mites (at least 368 rats)

Article on the effects of light on rat health
To appear: Weighing rats
Feeding rats

Poisonous and non-poisonous plants

"Giftige og ugiftige planter" I do not aim to translate all of my pages - it would take me two years to finish the job. What I intend for this page is to tell you how and where you can find the information for yourself in English. Eventually I might translate some of the answers for Frequently Asked Questions about herbs, vegetables and herbal medicines/health food for rats.

The cost of keeping rats

"Hva rottehold koster" will not be translated. It is about what pet rats actually cost during their lifetime, veterinary bills etc. included. (In Norway: easily more than ten times the price for the rat itself - if you buy an expensive rat!)

Buying a rat

"Rottekj°p" This article will not be translated either. It is not about how to choose your rat and the right breeder/pet shop as you might think. It is a comment on the contracts for buying a rat, Norwegian law and import rules, and an understanding of a "fair deal". Norwegians have extremely strict laws about importing pets even from our neighbouring countries in Scandinavia. If you have not lived abroad and are bringing the rats to your new long term home in Norway, you are only allowed import from a private breeder with a valid health certificate after securing an import permit. The import permit for rats to be used in breeding is almost impossible to get, as it requires testing normally only carried out at scientific institutions.

Matmor is my nick at NTF's forum, (NTF= the Norwegian Fancy Rat Society). If you look it up in a dictionary it translates to "Mistress", as in the mistress of a kennel or household. The Norwegian meaning is a lot more staid than the English as there is absolutely no sexual connotation... A "Matmor" is simply a woman whose overall responsibility it is to keep everyone provided for. Depending on her domestic situation she may delegate the job or perform it hereself.

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