This is the newest part of Ratsville. It was inspired by the architect Shiguro Ban, a large roll of ducttape from Biltema and The Dapper Rat Home Page.
The architectonic expression can best be described as 1960/1970-ish, spiced up with a dash of playful cacaphonia... The rats enjoy it, but now they are demanding furniture too! Lying on the bare floor is too low class for that posh place.

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The slum area is no longer a part of the official image of Ratsville. For the record we include this example of earlier builiding style. The former inhabitant, Pip, was too fond of his bottle.


From the left:
Photo store
The Prior Company building (Prior delivers eggs, chickens, and hens) which has an egg shaped penthouse at the top
The Stilted House with a garden and roof terrace
The architect's house with a home office, Interior design shop at ground level, and with an enclosed outside staircase.

The Stilted House

A detatched town house with a garden is a rarity.

Birk inspects the stairs to the roof terrace, but finds it inconvenient.

Mimer the monitor appriciates detatched houses and roof terraces. Unfortunately this one is too small for his liking.


The monitor is spoiled when it comes to space! Here he breakfasts on roasted corn flakes on top of the parking lot. You cannot get a bigger roof terrace than this.

Yggdrasil is satisfied with the low prices of 24-hour parking. Next door Ulf has had his offer for the detatched house accepted. Now he relaxes on the lawn.

The architect's house

This is where the architect lives. An interior design shop is situated in the ground floor.

From his flat architect Labben has a grand view of the town while working.

The Prior Company building

Birk thinks the flats in the Prior Company buliding look smart. He is not alone in his assessment. Frodo is viewing the first floor and wondering which is best: the spacious flat or the chic penthouse at the top.

Frodo has finally deceided on the penthouse. This is where I want to live!

The houses are made of old cardborad boxes, toilet paper rolls, more paper rolls, and grey ducttape. Between the floors there are openings for the rats to move freely indoors. Mostly the roofs can be lifted off. When this is not possible the openings are large enough to fetch the rats inside. All floors and roofs that the rats may climb have been covered by ducttape. That way they can be wiped off with a damp cloth, and hopefully last longer.

Matmor 2008.06.24