Behaviour teraphy and rat stories

This is about rats with unacceptable behaviour and what I have done to try to change it. It is also about how rats have changed the way I think about them. Some I was able to help, with others I was not so lucky. The rats described here are or were all creatures who demanded more than most pets, but the joy they gave me was propotional to my input.

Squeek - the prejudiced rat

For more than two years Squeek was a timid castrate who did not even hunt spiders. Then the new rat pups arrived. Squeek bit my children deeply just because he smelt rat pups on their hands.
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Ulf - a case of poor environment

Ulf, four months old was the cuddeliest rat with people and a veritable Fenris wolf with other rats. A sweet story about the Big, Bad Wolf who became Wolfie the well behaved cub scout.
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Frodo - the phobic rat

Frodo was a complainer from the start and scared of nearly everything. I warned my children not to disturb him in his cage. But in spite of his shortcomings he was sooo pretty, so one morning when Frodo was six months old my youngest had blood dripping from deep gashes on both sides of her thumb.
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Jonathan - the rat who'd had enough

Brotherly love... all his life Jonathan had been bullied by his brother. When his brother was castrated and became a whimp, Jonathan had a grudge. Jonathan taught me that some rats can live happily alone, but that it is never too late for hope.
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