The Fibre litter 2010-09-21

On the 29/8 2010 Helle was mated to Mania again, when the plans to exchange him for a younger buck came to nothing. Totally Helle was mated at four opportunities: twice with Olifants, and twice with Mania before she got pregnant. (It is likely that Olifants has reduced fertility.) At day 17 she had gained 80 g and was so rotund her belly almost dragged along the ground as she walked! At day 19 her weight was + 108 g, and Helle started acting tired. Day 20 towards the evening I chose to put her in a maternity cage without company. She no longer wanted to share the house with her cagemates but remained sweet and loving towards me. As late as elevenish am on day 22 she had an airing with her girl friends, but at 2 pm I saw fresh blood and at 4 pm she had given birth to at last two kittens of eleven 11: six boys and five girls.

If you have legitimate interest in a litter you can contact me (Matmor) at NTF's forum. You can also send an e-mail to my [nick+s+rotter]
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licking porridge through the window d. 19

Reservations and names

The naming theme was textile fibres. Please note than in Norwegian, "boys" are "gutter" and "girls" are "jenter". Hence B1 in the English table corresponds to G1 in the Norwegian table, and G1 in the English table is J1 in the Norwegian.
HimalayansmalesHB1 Olefin
owned by Matmor
HB2 Hampus
"Stump" owned by Matmor
HB3 Azlon
owned by Matmor
femalesHG1: Microfiber
owned by Ingvild
HG2 Bomuld
"Tutti", owned by Danish breeder
HG3 Viscose
"Frutti", owned by Dansih breeder
AgoutismalesAB1 Polyester
"Dumle" owned by Danish breeder
AB2 Polypropylen
"Toblerone" owned by Danish breeder
AB3 Elastan
"Sprettball" owned by Matmor
femalesAG1 NÝste
owned by Ingvild
AG2 Chiengora
owned by MereteAH

The babies

No stillborn found. One of the boys had had the outermost tip of his tail amputated. The wound remained visible until day 6. Average weight 6,3 g day 1. The first two rats had opened their eyes on day 14. Eight opened their eyes by day 15 and one waited until day 16.

light eyes day 1

dark eyes day 1

A himalayan girl and an agouti boy day 5

Summing it up day 6 (27/09)
Himalaya Girl 1
9,1 g
Himalaya Girl 2
12,6 g
cut a nick in the fur on her right shoulder day 15
Himalaya Girl 3
12,8 g
cut a nick in the fur on her left shoulder day 15
Himalaya Boy 1
11,3 g
Himalaya Boy 2
12,5 g
amputated tip of tail
Himalaya Boy 3
13,1 g
Agouti Girl 1
11,9 g
very small white tip on tail
big, wrinkley skin!
skin not so different from day 8
white socks visible from day 13
Agouti Girl 2 12,9 g
slightly bigger white tip on tail
white belly spot and white socks visible from day 13
Agouti Boy 1
11,9 g
tiny white tip on tail
black spot in front of anus
white socks visible from day 13
Agouti Boy 2
13,4 g
tiny white tip on tail
black spot in front of anus
white belly spot and white socks visible from day 13
Agouti Boy 3
13,4 g
slightly bigger white tip on tail
black spot in front of anus
white belly spot and white socks visible from day 13

Sexes were determined on day 6 and confirmed by the appearance of nipples on the girls at day 8.
The agoutis
The himalayas

Pile of rats, day 9

Heap of rats, day 11
The Agoutis
The Himalayas

Rat in a bucket...biggest agouti girl

Smallest agouti girl day 15

The bread house... (A loaf of bread with lots of fibre in it!)

The parents

Helle Wistar

Sarah's Mania River

Weight curve for mated females at Matmor's

Feed during pregnancy/after mating:
As dry feed free access to RM3 and home made mix of grains/nuts/seeds with added vitamis and minerals.
Additional: every other day fruit/vegetables/berries, every other day extra proteins

In laboratory rats (like Helle) 50% of pseudopregnancies will be resolved by day 12 by weight loss. If the rat have had a more than 10% weight gain at day 14 they are regarded as pregnant. Still, the sudden weight loss is not uncommon as late as day 16.

Above: Helles belly day 22 in the morning
Helle gave birth on day 22, Safari day 23 and both had 11 kittens. Safari gained less weight than Helle. The two attempts to breed Duffy, and the three first attempts with Helle probably resulted in pseudopregnancies.

Feeding the dam after birth:
Until day 7 as during pregnancy, from day 8 porridge made with wheat, barly, rye, and oats, milk (lactosis reduced), butter - to which was added liver paste or eggs.

Breeding information

Dam Sire
Navn Helle, Wistar Hannover GALAS laboratory rats Mania, from Sarah's African rivers litter
Phenotype Albino, top eared, standard coat Black self top eared
Genotype not aa BB cc hh as first believed1)
but probably AA BB cc hh or Hh
aa B* C* D* Du* G* Hh P* Ro* Mm R*
himalaya kittens imply that Mania must be Cch
Date of birth Ca. 2009-12-01 judging by weight on arrival2008-12-30
OwnerMatmor, on a breeding contract with MereteAH. Ownership transfers MereteAH 1/9 if Helle is not pregnant by then.Matmor
OriginTaconic, Danmark (laboratory) Sarah's
Since when has the rat been with its owner? With MereteAh sice ~5 weeks oldSince ~5 weeks old
Healt problems NoneNone
Weight at mating~360 g ~650 g
Temperament towards people Unremarkable on contact with strangers and children,
somewhat more wary of strangers. Contact seeking
a little wary, relaxed when held
Inquisitive and contact seeking
Temperament towards other rats At 3 months easily introduced to Matmors two adult females: could be put in a travellers cage together after only a short while and stayed there peacably for an hour.
Helle litt tilbakeholden, men normal, fungerer bra i flokk. Not introduced to rat kittens.
For the first months Helle and Wistar "sister" Helen lived togeter on their own, but spent play time being introduced to MereteAH's adult girls. After that they co-habited with first one, the three adult females.
At roughly 6 months of age, Helle, Helen and Merete's other rats were introduced to Victoria og Benue at Matmor's rattery. They all co-habited amicably for several weeks. No trouble introducing Helle.
Mania has good social skills, has mostly had the omega position in the cage and has show himself to be introducible to other rats. At foru months he was introduced to a castrate. At 12 months he was introduced to another adult, intact male, whereupon he was lent as a cage companion to the said adult male for a few months. The return and re-introduction to his brothers was a seamless affair.
Mania has not been introduced to rat kittens.
He caused no trouble at all with his own male kittens when they were five weeks.
PedigreeNot as such, but see information about Wistar Hannover GALAS Yes, see Sarah's African Rivers.
Earlier littersNoNo
Deviations form NTF's breeding politics It is reccommended that the rats' parents are known, naturally this isn't the case with Helle Wistar.None
ExpectationsNot Black berkshire as first believed 1)
but probably AA BB cc H*.
If Mania is carrying albino or the himalaya-allele there's a 50% chance for albino or himalaya.confirmed
Last contact with other rats before the mating 24/8, 2010 Vetle and cagemate.
Latest treatment against lice and/or mites, and whichStarted Stronghold (Selamectin) 12/7 2010, three applications.
QuarantienQuarantine from mating to placement of babies with the exception of receiving two Wistar females directly from a laboratory.
If the one responsible for the litter is not the same as the owner, can the owner be contacted by customers? Person responsible for the litter owns both rats. Co-owner for Helle (MereteAH) can be contacted at NTF's forum
PriceNOK. 200,- pro rat, NOK 250,- if the kittens have been treated against lice or mites
OtherMore info about the rats at Matmors home pages, see also Merete's rat blog (the latter is all Norwegian.)
1)Day 8 I discovered that the non-white kittens had a brownish look in the fur on the neck. The information form Tacoma that the color locui are "a, Tyrc and h" evidently did not mean that the rats were aa cc hh.

Thoughts behind this mating

Greater genetic variaten between our fancy rats is desired. The Wistar Hannover GALAS-rats are rarely overweight, not very prone to mammary cancers, have a high incidense of pituitary tumors but still live considerably longer than the average Norwegian fancy rat. They are know for good temper, docile behaviour and ease of handling. In my opinion they have desireable traits to add to the Norwegian fancy rat gene pool despite low weight and the albino mutation. Helle is a big and robust Wistar rat: before the first mating she weighed only a few grams short of 300. At mating she will be around 9 months. Co-owner Merete and I have had the opportunity to study her for a good while as Helle has had two stays at Matmor's rattery (more than two months) because of holiday pet sitting and matings. For health and og temper of Wistar Hannover Galas, see information from Taconic laboratories.

Mania has, up to mating, been of good health. The only noticable exceptions to perfect health have been a few short time, self limiting respiratory problems. Just before he was 18 months he had a normal urinary stick test (no signs of diabetes, urinary infection, nor kidney disease). He also had normal heart sounds. His temper has been challenged by adult introductions and change of environment. His family is probably the best researced and recorded in Norway with respect to disease and temper. The parents reached an average age and better. So has all of Mania's siblings.
For information on the health of Mania's siblings, see the litter page for Sarah's African rivers.


The breeder of Gummianka, 7 generations behind Mania does not desire that the descendants of Gummianka are bred and believes she has the right to forbid the breeding of all further generations. This came up after Gummianka's daughters had already been bred and sold by other breeders. Babbett, the breeder of Mania's father does not support breeding Mimers grandchildren because of health problems in the family.
See Syv g og Gummianka and avvik fra avlsveiledning at NTF's forum if you read Norwegian, or contact Matmor for transcript or further information.

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