Sarah's African river litter

H3gzi's Safari, owned by Sarah, and Babbett's Mimer, owned by Matmor, were mated 2008-12-07. 2008-12-30 Safari gave birth to 11 healthy pups that all grew well. 7 were boys, 4 girls. There were no stillborns in the litter. Eight out of eleven rats were still alive at 24 months. At 30 months two were among the living. The last one to go was euthanised at 35 months.

In collaboration with Sarah the information on the litter is placed here.

This page would not be possible without the support of the customers who have sent us updates. Thank you, all of you!

The beginning

Advertisment at NTF's forum 2008.11.18

We would like to see Safari and Mimer get their holiday fling in late in December - and now we wonder who will be interested in the kittens. Safari, born 27/4 2008 among H3gZi's Litter, are agouti berkshire rex carrying dumbo (AaHhDuduRere). She is a lively girl filled with curiosity. Introducing her to the cagemates no problem at all. She has never been ill. Owner: Sedra (NTF nick) You can read more about Safari at (Norwegian only)

Babbett's Mimer, born 16/8 2007, is a ruby eyed mink berkshire (probably aaGgHhmmRrDu-) with a 50% chance of carrying dumbo. Mimer is a calm snugglebear with an excellent temper. He has been through several introductions as an adult, both with babyrats and adult males, and always behaved like a perfect gentleman. He has never been ill. Owner: Matmor

We expect agouti and black self, berkshires, hooded, rex and standard, with a possiblity for dumbo. Other colors are possible as both Safari and Mimer may be carrying several colour modifying genes. Safari's pedigree can be viewd at Matmor's home page under Mimer, Mimer's pedigree is available at Klick the link under Mimer on the page Small creatures, great personalities.

NB! Safari's and Mimer's pedigrees have been removed as it is not neccesary to maintain them when the information is included in the pedigree for the Sarah's African rivers litter

Pedigree for the pups

(not yet translated)

further information available upon contact

Safari 14 days pregnant


Sarah brought Safari and a companion to Matmor 2008.12.06. Safari came into heat 2008.12.07 and spent the night with Mimer. Frequent copulations were observert. The wax plug, however, was not found next morning. Because Safari's weight gain was slow and somewhat uneven, Safari stayed with Matmor until we felt confident she was pregnant. Safari was noticably more rotund by day 12. She started to build a nest at approximately day 14 and lost the hairs around her nipples at day 16. She was returned to Sarah 2008.12.25 and placed in a birthing cage on the 2008.12.27. The pups were born in the afternoon of 2008.12.30.

Safari's weight before mating was 351g. She started by loosing 3 g at day 1 - the two of them must have had one busy night. After a week of uneven weight gain she had put on 26,5g, but the she lost 7,5 g again. The day after her weight was even one g less! Eventually I discovered that weighing her each morning before breakfast gave more even results. From day 10 and onward she gained weight every day, but the increase varied between 1 and 17,5 g. At day 21 she had gained 107 g. After that she was not inclined to be weighed, so the exact weight gain before birth at day 23 is not known.

Litter information

G1 Storms
d. 2011.12.08
Agouti (light)
mismarked hooded rex
G2 Kasai
d. 2011.01.07
G3 Jubba
d. 2011.11.25
G4 Bahr el Zaraf
d. 2011.02.14
Black mismarked hooded1)
G5 Olifants
d. 2011.01.31
Black-basert (poor black)
mismarked hooded
G6 Mania
d. 2011.03.29
G7 Afrik
d. 2010.11.18
Agouti (light) self
J1 Limpopo*
d. 2011.02.23
Agouti (light)
dumbo rex euberk
(the customer has called her Cinnamon on her own net pages)
*changed from St. Paul
"Paula", changed to "Bella"
J2 Benue "Mimmi"
d. 2011.11.18
J3 Shebelle
d. Sept./Oct. 2010
Agouti (light)
euberk2) rex
J4 Victoria Nile
d. 2011.03.29
Agouti (light)
euberk rex
pups with unusual
colors had a red-brown
sheen to their eyes 2009-01-17
1) small headspot (2 white hair on the forhead) 2009-02-06.
2) small "bellyspot" on her side, could be a self genotype 2009-02-06.
All the pups are carrying mink (Mm). There is a 50% chance that each carries ruby eye (Rr), siamese (Cch) and (English) blue (Dd).
According to the pedigree they have slimmer chances of carrying mock mink (Momo), (European) Husky (-/hRo?) and Russian blue (Rbrb), and even less likely chocolate (Bb) og pink eye (Pp). Since one of the pups turned out to be a dumbo the top eared siblings have a 66,6% chance of carrying dumbo.

Weight development

2009-01-01 (dag 2) 1 pup weighed 7g, 2 pups weighed 8g and the rest 9 g.

Benue "Mimmi" weighed ca. 95-100g day 35 according to the owner.

Extract from owner reports

Storms6 m. Probably an infected salivary gland, recovered with Baytril
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Healthy
24 m. Healthy
30 m. Smelly ear which does not respond to antibiotic treatment, otherwise healthy
post 30 m. operated for mammary cancer Dec. 2011. Recovered well at first but lost sight, smell and hearing a few days after the operation. Euthanised 2011-12-08.
Elisabeth, re-homed to Larm Jan. 2011
Kasai6 m. Healthy
12 m. Passing cough, no medical intervention, otherwise healthy
18 m. Healthy
24 m. Large abscess in throat, infection of the ear
post 24 months euthanised 2011.01.07: cancerous growth ear
Jubba6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Healthy
24 m. Lump behind foreleg, hair loss
30 m. Operated for mammary cancer spring 2011. Stiff hind quarters.
post 30 m euthanised 2011.10.25 for wounds caused by steroid treatment of swollen leg and total situation with HLD and weight loss
Elisabeth, re-homed to Larm Jan. 2011
Bahr el Zaraf6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Healthy
24 m. Healthy
post 24 months Found dead in cage 2011.02.14 still with food in his mouth.
Olifants6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Healthy
24 m. August 2010 small wart successfully treated with methylene blue, red spot on hindleg, presumed bumblefoot
Oct. 2010 swollen hind leg, presumed fall, treated with cortison and antibiotics, disappeared
Dec. 2010 swollen hind legs and front legs, presumed arthritis, treated with cortison which took away pain and restored mobility but caused further bumblefoot problems
post 24 months euthanized 2011.01.31 for autoimmun disease with swollen and painful joints, possible malignant growth. Post mortem gave no further answers.
Mania6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Upper resp. infection self terminating, temporary swollen lymph gland
24 m. Constant nasal noises since sept. 2010, slight kidney failure according to urinary dipstick
post 24 m. euthanised 2011.03.29 because of respiratory problems
Afrik6 m. Nasal noises
12 m. Tail eczema, the nasal noises disappeared without intervention
18 m. Tail eczema, slight kidney failure according to urinary stick
post 18 m. Oct. 2010 small lump (proved to be lipoma, fatty deposit)
- euthanised 2010.11.18 (22 1/2 months old) because of probable pituitary tumor.
Saint Paul/Limpopo
6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Jan. 2010 mammary tumor, benign, removed
24 m. Healthy
post 24 months found dead by old age, died with but not of mammary tumor.
Miljamjenta, re-homed to Lyngrottene summer 2009
6 m. Short bout of sneezing
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Sterilised for presumed hormonal disturbance (symmetrically swollen udders), sometimes nasal noises
post 18m m. - euthanised 2010.11.18, failure to thrive and multiple pyogenes abscesses
Lucas, re-homed to Matmor Aug. 2009
Shebelle6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. May 2010 mammary tumor
post 18 m. - euthanised Sept/Oct 2010 (22 months old), mammary tumors and probable LVI
Kikky, re-homed to friend of Kikky spring 2010
Victoria6 m. Healthy
12 m. Healthy
18 m. Healthy, Jan. 2010 small wound on back treated with Fuciderm ointment, occasion nasal noises, instances of false pregnancies
24 m. Tail eczema and small mammary lump since Dec. 2010.
post 24 m. euthanized 2011.03.29 for mammary tumor.
Ailani, re-homed to Matmor May 2009

Name6 m.12 m.18 m.24 m30 m
Storms 559 g630 g480 g475 g630
Kasai525 g573 g619 g580-600 g-
Jubba534 g600 g430 g390 g525-530 g
Bahr el Zaraf591 g696 groughly 700 glost some weight but not that much-
Olifants560 g728 g684 g718 g-
Mania499 g601 g623 g613 g-
Afrik546 g684 g655 g- (dead)-
Saint Paul/Limpopo
330 g
(7 mnd.)
378 gProbably in excess of 400 g496 g -
315 g443 g396 g- (dead)-
Shebelle409 g511 gIn excess of 500 g- (dead)-
Victoria315 g395 g455 g450 g-

NavnBehaviour with humansBehaviour with other rats
Storms6m Curious, confident, and hangs relaxedly when lifted.
Potential snugglebear.
12m Easy to handle and contact seeking but does not want to be lifted. Even so he hangs relaxedly.
18m Hangs well but does not want to be caught. Contact seeking but does not see the point of being stroked, even though he suffers it for a bit longer than his brother Jubba.
24m As before, possibly a little more willing to be petted.
30m Loves to be cuddled
post 30m No change
6m Not much willing to flip over on his back
as a pup.
Play fights and tumbles with his brother,
more determined shows of strenght with older
cagemates, but no damages.
12m Lives with brother. They tumble a bit. Have met with baby rats and behaved well.
18m Lives with brother. They have short bouts of disagreement which lasts for seconds only. Hart to tell which is Top rat.
24m As before
30m Lives in age mixed group, introduced at 2 y and took over as alpha. Showed dominant traits but not aggression when taking over. Left alpha position peacefully. Formerly food aggressive when presented with tidbits, not over normal straits. This has passed.
past 30 m No changes
Kasai6m Formerly frightened and stiff, could not be petted,
can now be hadled after massage therapy
12m happy and good natured
18m Contact seeking, kind, a little stiff when lifted
24m Kind and loving, less stiff than formerly
post 30 m no change
6m Formerly frigthened and squeaky, gave wrong signals to the other rats
Now more relaxed.
Kind to the new babies.
12m gets along well with other rats
18m gets along well with other rats. Of intermediate rank. Recently received new baby rat well.
24m mostly fine with other rats, but Dec. 2010 food aggressive when hungry. Alpha for a group of kittens, fluffed up his fur for a long time during introductions.
post 24m -
Jubba6m Sligthly more skittish than Storm in the beginning, but tame and confident
Trusting and a potentil snugglebear
12m good for cuddles, first to the cage door. Does not hang as relaxedly as his brother Storm, inquisitive
18m Inquisitive but careful. Good company, contact seeking but not really cuddly. Still too active.
24m as before
30m Contact seeking, comes for a cuddly but does not stay long
post 30m-
6m Before: squeaker who was quick to protest, but less difficult than Storm.
Much better now.
12m gets along well with brother Storm
18m hard to say which brother is Alpha. Sometimes disagreements lasting seconds only. Not introduced to other rats as adult.
24m as before
30m lives alone and seems to thrive that way. After re-homing he became aggressive to other rats including his brother. Does not like neither females nor males, rubs up to things and scent marks all the time outside the cage
post 30m can be aired with other rats and stay in a travelling cage with them for a short while. Mostly keeps to himself.
Bahr el Zaraf6m Handsom and lovely boy, keen but not as eager as his uncles
evolving into a real snugglebear
12m mostly unchanged
18m fine as before
24m no change
post 24m no change
6m Playful but calm, well integrated among his cagemates,
became Alpha without a fight
12m castrated for dominant behaviour, eventually settled in girl group
18m gets along well with the girls
24m as before
post 24m no change
Olifants6m Average need for contact, ready for snuggleing already
hangs totally relaxed when handled.
12m too lazy to compete for contact, but grateful for being snuggled
18m contact seeking when the brothers have had their fill of attention. Enjoys cuddles and hangs relaxedly.
post 24m no change
6m Lively, but became Alpha peacefully
4 m. old: received an older castrate well at introduction
12m probably alpha but easy going type who gets along well with all
18m gets along well, beta, great at adult introductions
24m as before. Also loving towards rat babies and steady
post 24m no change, except for withdrawn when in pain
Mania6m Less contact seeking than Afrik, Victoria, and Olifants
but likes to snuggle and is easy to handle
12m a little reserved but likes a cuddle and easy to handle
18m easy to handle, contact seeking, patient when being petted
24m comes for his cuddles, hangs relaxedly
post 24m no change
6m Does not put himself foreward, but social
4 m. old: received an older castrate well at introduction
12m gets along well in his cage, probably omega type
18m gets along well in his cage, has been on loan to older male rat but slid right back in his group after a couple of months abscence
24m gets along well in his cage, fine introduction to his own babies and to adult male at 17 1/2m
post 24mm no change
Afrik6m Lively and contact seking, enjoys snuggling for short periods, confident, fun
12m contact seeking, active, likes a cuddle
18m contact seeking, begs for a cuddle but does not stay long, not quite as active as formerly, hangs relaxedly when held (the latter is not a new trait)
post 18m contact seeking and eager for cuddle to his last day
6m Lively and playful, loves a friendly tumble with Olifants, the Alpha
4 m. old: received an older castrate well at introduction
12m gets along well in his group
18m gets along well in his group. Alpha. Behaved well during adult introduction at 14m.
post 18m no conflicts, behaved well during introduction to nephews.
Saint Paul/Limpopo
6mLively, does not have much time for snuggleing but kisses readily.
12m Inquisitive, gentle and comes for a cuddle
18m Contact seeking and cuddly
24m as before
post 24m no change
6m Lively and playful but in a calm way
12m Good, of intermediate rank
18m Good, of intermediate rank, easily introduced to adult females 24m no change
post 24m no change
6m Kind but wild, needs to be tired to have time for a cuddle
became nervous at 6 weeks old and remains so. 12m Receives cuddles willingly, sometimes contact seeking other times not. Hormonal hysteria seen thrice when in season. When hysterica she prefers sitting inside my sweater.
18m Contact seeking and cuddly. Can sit for long periods on my shoulder and lean toward my neck. Less patient when on my arm
post 18m no change
6m Mostly complacent but often wild, ants in her pants
suspected of causing light injury to cagemates in a fit and barbering a cage mate. (The barbering did not stop after "Mimmi" was removed from the group, and later events more or less cleared her of the suspicion of aggression too.)
12m no problems during introductions to two castrated male rats and sister Victoria around 9m. Usually fine in a group, sometimes she withdraws. Hormonal hysteria witnessed thrice during heat.
18m gets along well, of middle rank, behaved well during introduction to adult females.
post 18m kindly to her small nephews and nieces during introduction. Got along well with flock members but withdrew from the bustle because of disease.
Shebelle6m At times somewhat tense, at times too active to be held,
somewhat hormonal, on a good day all sweet and kind
12m Relaxed when handled but not loving to humans
18m no change
post 18m no change
6m Adapted very well to her cagemates
12m Alpha, somewhat dominant at introductions but not for long
18m gets along better in a calm group of females
post 18m no change
Victoria6m Contact seeking and active, grooms my nails
Kind and fun, not nervous but needs to be activated
12m Contact seeking, cuddly, no more active than most female rats of her age
18m Contact seeking, loving to humans, prefers short bouts of cuddling
24m Contact seeking, loving to humans and good for a longish cuddle
6m Well intergrated among the cagemates at former home and here
No behaviour problems at introducion to my castrates at 5 months
12m Gets along very well in a group. Caring. No problems with introduction to sister at around 9m
18m Gets along well in the group but did show irritable and dominant behaviour during a false pregnancy. Alpha. Received new, adult flock members well.
24m Gets along well, and received her 4 week old nieces and nephews gracefully. No negative behaviour toward the pregnant Helle. Probably Alpha.
post 24m no change

Belly markings

None of the pups inherited Safaris fine, symmetrical "bikini triangle". Some, however, got dark belly spots from daddy Mimers. I am inclined to believe that the dark spots are a dominant trait, as I have not heard of dark belly spots in Safari's family. Possibly they are mainly expressed in the males? I refer to the name "pungflekker" (testicle spots), which is well known in Sweeden. If anybody knowe how these dark belly spots are inherited (not downunder) I am interested... However inherited, these belly markings, and the white ones, develope over time. Just look at the bellies of Bahr el Zaraf and Limpopo as babies and as adults!
Mimer's belly (more dark spots higher up on his chest)
Baby Bahr: dark belly spot and testicle spots
Adult Bahr
Kasai: squiggly European Berkshire
with two small black spots
Jubba: squiggly European Berkshire,
no black spots
Olifants: two "mammary spots" and a testicle spot
Victoria: assymetric European Berkshire
no dark spots
Baby Limpopo: assymetric European Berkshire
Adult Limpopo: assymetric European Berkshire
Benue "Mimmi": fairly good european berkshire
Afrik and Mania are Self so dark belly spots will not show if inherited.

Message to the owners

If you have not received the e-mail, get in touch!
Main gist of e-mail sent to the owners
2009.02.27, sent by Matmor: One of the owners has decided she wants to call her rat Limpopo rather than St.Paul. Change accepted and will be added to the information about the litter.

2009.03.16, sent by Matmor: Information about Safari moving to Anexet, and that the new owner will keep us updated on Safari's health. Update of health information for Mimer and treatment of health information about relatives. Questions to the owners of the females from the litter about plans for breeding before the 6 months. update.

2009.03.17, sent by Matmor: small update

2009.04.24, sent by Matmor: message of Mimer's death

2009.06.01, sent by Matmor: reminder on 6-month report, information that Victoria has been re-homed to Matmor.

2009.07.02, sent by Matmor: reminder for the buyer that did not deliver the 6-month report in time

2009.07.07, sent by Matmor: 6 month report for 10 of 11 rotter (to those who contributed)

2009.08.12, sent by Matmor: 6 month report with information included for the rat, and recent updates on family members

2009.09.01, sent by Matmor: Benue "Mimmi" has come home with me after reports of barbering one cagemate and possibly biting both.

2009.09.21, sent by Matmor: Limpopo to be re-homed, Bahr dominant, Benue calmed down, news of death among elderly relatives

2009.10.15, sent by Matmor: Limpopo re-homed to "Trond Martin" at NTF's forum, Bahr castrated for dominant behaviour, owners with breeding plans for the males in early 2010 should contact breeders if applicable.

2009.11.02:, sent by Matmor: message of H3gZi's Safari's death, supplementary information and correction of Mimer's family tree (far back generations)

2009.11.15, sent by Matmor: autopsy report for Safari, Bahr placed in girl group after castration, source for corrections in pedigree: Od Lizy.

2009.12.16, sent by Matmor: Bahr has eventually calmed down in the girl group. Reminder of one year-report due 2009-12-30, request for information from breeders of relatives will be sent.

2010.01.07, sent by Matmor: reminder of 1 year report to the ones who have not sent it yet

2010.01.09, sent by Matmor: new reminder

2010.01.10, sent by Matmor: draft of 12 month report to owners and Mimer's breeder Babbett

2010.01.17, sent by Matmor: final 12 month report, Limpopo has a mammary lump

2010.04.28, sent by Matmor: questions about health and temper because of breeding plans

2010.05.14, sent by Matmor: Shebelle has (mammary)tumor

2010.06.27, sent by Matmor: reminder of 18 month report

2010.07.04, sent by Matmor: draft for 18 month report

2010.07.13, sent by Matmor: 18-month report to all buyers and Babbett, additional information about Jubba and Storm gaining weight after a change in feed routines.

2010.08.10, sent by Matmor: mammary tumors and a cyst are probably the cause for Benue's mastitis.

2010.09.27, sent by Matmor: Mania fathered 11 pups born 2010.09.21, reminder that health problems should be reported when they occur, short updates on Kasai as well as his five siblings residing with Matmor

2010.11.04, sent by Matmor: Shebelle euthanised just before autumn holiday, mammary tumors and probably LVI. Corrections regarding Kasai.

2010.11.18, sent by Matmor: Afrik and Benue euthanised today, lumps were not mammary tumors but fatty deposit for Afrik and abscesses for Benue (confirmed by autopsy).

2010.12.28, sent by Matmor: reminder 24 month report

2011.01.11, sent by Matmor: 24 month report, Kasai euthanised because of tumor in ear, Jubba and Storm has been re-homed to Larm.

2011.01.31, sent by Matmor: Olifants euthanised because of joint pain and side effects of steroides

2011.02.14, sent by Matmor: Bahr found dead in cage, possibly from choking as he still had food in his mouth

2011.02.24, sent by Matmor: Limpopo "Bella" died of old age yesterday, with but not because of mammary tumors

2011.03.29, sent by Matmor: Mania and Victoria were euthanized today. Mania because of HLD, blindness, loss of appetite and a pus filled lung, Victoria because of a mammary tumor.

2011.04.15, sent by Matmor: Storm is being treated for an ear infection. Jubba has had surgery because of a mammary tumor. Updates will no longer be sent, except for a final report when the remaining brothers have passed away, or at 2 1/2 years. The web page will be updated.

2011.07.08, sent by Matmor: 2 1/2 year report

2012.02.19, sent by Matmor: end report

Internet sources for pedigree

Runavik Rhama with
Duveltje, Icicle, Anjanka,
Sue, SalveBabbett
Dolly Lobega, Alge, Tico, Timbo, Duveltje, Two of
GalatheaAilanis tamrotter
Megacolon Cz
B from CHS Negrita

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