Rat pictures

My best rat photos and a brief presentation of my rats. (Translating poetry is a but tricky, but you'll get the idea.) For more information on each of them click Small animals, great personalities.


ignoring roan berries, 9 months old

Mania misleads
his name should rather say
deep and silent pool


curled up in a clog, 6 months old

Mindful of othes
Vic is nimble on her feet
quick to groom her mates


on a red carpet, 5 months old

Mild but firm ruler
Olifants, his Majesty
feels soft in my hands.

Squeek and Pip

geriatric rats at 29 months

My fluffy rat Squeek
scratches himself in slo-mo
falters in old age

Pip the cuddly rat
lying across the pillow
sinks into slumber


out for a walk, 1 year and 7 months

Haku greeted me
with clicks and clucking noises:
"Morning kiss for me?"


corn fishing, 7 1/2 months old

"Fenris", or Wolfie
gapes and shows his yellow teeth
'tis only a yawn


my cup of tea, about 5 months old

What's going on here!
Labben is the observer
The boss need not stir.


a cosy hideout, 2 months old

The rat Ygdrasil
was slender like a young ash.
Now he is an oak.


grand cleaning, about 1 1/2 months old

Frodo the youngster
screamed but learned his lesson well:
Laying belly-up


at play, roughly 6 weeks old

Mimer the food fan
is a scrumtious little snack:
a well filled sausage


just turned 5 weeks

Do I dare, don't I?
Warily his nose protudes
prior to the leap.

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