Ideas for proud rat owners

I am a rat owner and proud of it! So why not show it too?

Tea cosy

This tea cosy has a picture of a disgrunteled rat on one side, and a relaxed rat on the other. You are seeing the disgrunteled one. Before and after tea? The tea cosy project was just begging for the slogan: Rats are my cup of tea. The technique is the same as for the bed spread further down the page.

Rat greetings

Every rat friend needs one. A small selection:

Christmas rats 1-2-3

take lots of sticky ginger bread dough...
Draw and cut out a stylized rat in paper. Transfer to a see-through plastic sheet with a water resistant pen. Plastic pockets for a ring folder will do. Cut out the rat with a scalpel or a sharp pair of scissors.

Roll out the dough and transfer to a baking tray. Cut out the ginger bread rats. Remember to remove the plastic from the last ginger bread rat! Bake the cakes.

If the cakes swell beyond recognition (as mine did), cut around the plastic again while the cakes are still warm. Your rats will love to eat the scraps. Use sugar decorations to give definition to the rats.


Rat tunics

Stylized rat...
close up of embroidery:
Realistic rat...
close up of embroidery:

Rat bed spread

My daughter wanted a quilted spread with rats. This was accomplished with a combination of quilting and embroidery.

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